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Office of the President

Priority Three

Fresno State's Strategic Priorities: Priority Three


Align our physical and technological infrastructure to support a sustainable and welcoming campus environment.


We measure progress and success through the completion of projects and initiatives as prioritized by an updated physical master plan that supports the strategic plan and student success initiatives.


Campus Deferred Maintenance and Improvements

Since fall 2013, Fresno State has invested over $194 million in capital related projects, both new construction and capital renewal and renovation. Some notable projects include our updated electrical infrastructure, the Physical Therapy and Intercollegiate Athletic Building (PTIA), the Jordan Agricultural Research Center (JARC), lecture room and laboratory modernizations, HVAC updates, repairs to underground utility infrastructure (i.e. hot water, natural gas, storm and sewer lines), the Student Health Center, North and South Gym Modernization, new Equestrian Locker Room, Central Plant Cooling Tower replacement, Bulldog Stadium improvements, and the start of construction for the New Resnick Student Union.

This year we expect a total of over $50 million in major infrastructure projects, many of which are currently underway including Phase II of Science Laboratories modernization, Phase II (restroom design) of the Bulldog Stadium Modernization project, eMBA Executive Classroom modernization and renovations to the East Engineering lobby. We are also working on Deferred Maintenance projects totaling more than $43 million.

Projects Completed Prior to 2019-20
Project Total Project Cost
Overall Total $194,172,415
New Buildings (JARC and PTIA) $35,800,000
New Electrical Infrastructure $30,000,000
Utility Infrastructure Projects (repairs of underground hot water, chilled water, natural gas and sewer lines) $4,179,000
HVAC Projects (Social Sciences, Conley Art) $2,459,487
Track Replacement $2,800,000
University Agricultural Laboratory $2,500,000
Building Modernization (NG 118 and Engineering West Annex) $2,482,365
Roofing Replacement (University Center, North Gym and North Gym Annex, Social Science, Conley Art, Lab School) $2,000,000
Wayfinding $1,800,000
Parking, Transportation and Street Improvements (Lots P8, P4, Joyal, Jackson Ave.) $1,649,021
Title IX (Duncan Building, Soccer/Lacrosse) $1,530,406
Classroom/Lab Modernization (EW 130, 132, 134, Conley Art 101) $1,500,000
Miscellaneous Deferred Maintenance (Bulldog Stadium Fenching Phase I, Well #5) $1,309,975
Elevator Upgrades (Kremen, Peters, HML S. Wing, NG) $1,257,000
Lighting Upgrades/Energy Retrofit (2014-15) $917,949
Site Improvements (Quad and Landscape) $809,900
Play Field Upgrade (August 2016) $675,000
SHC Landscape/Parking ADA Improvements $440,860
ADA Improvements - Conley Art $172,491
Modular City $519,374
North Gym/South Gym Modernization $10,000,000
Classroom Modernization - Phase I $3,000,000
Fire Alarm Upgrade - Phase I $2,381,000
Sewer Pipe Replacement - Phase III $1,865,000
Underground Communications Infrastructure $1,166,000
Science Lab Modernization Project (Sci. & McL.) $1,400,000
Bulldog Stadium East Side Concrete Repairs - Phase I $740,000
Barton Avenue Street Improvements $527,000
CATI Office Building Modifications $255,000
SFM Code Corrections (Campuswide) $230,000
HVAC Upgrades $164,000
Upgrade Theatre Rigging - OSHA $150,000
New Police Evidence Storage Room $125,000
Madden Library - Replace Lighting Control Panel $100,000
Bulldog Stadium ADA Seating Modifications $70,000
Ag Science Lab Modernization $60,000
New Cart Charging Station - Library South Lot $46,000
Student Health Center Lighting Upgrade $40,000
Replace Wheelchair Life - Softball $32,000
Savemart Center WiFi Project $525,000
Central Plant Cooling Tower Replacement $2,300,000
New Equestrian Locker Room $1,821,000
Barstow Avenue & Campus Drive Roadway Improvements $1,809,000
NG Annex Locker Room Modifications $945,417
Public Health Lab Remodel - McL. 277 $730,000
Satellite Student Union ADA Drop Off/Trash Enclosure/Bus Turnout $727,000
Landscape Improvements (Campuswide) $700,000
Enrollment Management Office Remodel - Joyal Admin. $400,000
Bulldog Trail PHA Exercise Area $163,670
HML Modifications - Rooms 2201 & 3101 $157,500
Public Safety Locker/Restroom Remodel $150,000
New Veteran's Office - University Center $150,000
Brilliant Classroom Upgrade - IT 294 $127,000
Lab Modifications - IT 296/298 $125,000
Landscape Improvements - West of USU $120,000
Student Recruitment Remodel - University Center $73,000
Bulldog Stadium ADA Study $35,000
Bulldog Stadium Modernization Phase I $5,660,000
Programs for Children Expansion (ED-10 and FFS-130) $300,000
Resnick Student Union $60,000,000
Projects for 2020-21
Project Total Project Cost
Subtotal $50,745,000
Modernization of Science Laboratories - Phase II $1,500,000
Bulldog Stadium Modernization - Phase II (Restrooms - Design only) $65,000
eMBA Executive Classroom Modernization $1,200,000
Conley Art Glassblowing Canopy $380,000
Engineering East Main Lobby Renovation $1,400,000
Enology Research Winery $3,100,000
Systemwide Deferred Maintenance $43,100,000

5-year Capital Improvement Plan

View the Plan

Priority Three Themes

  1. Modernize and upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure.
  2. Plan for new facilities and spaces to support enrollment growth.
  3. Embrace technology to support innovation, teaching and learning.
  4. Implement innovative parking and transportation strategies.
  5. Build and operate a healthier, more sustainable campus environment.


$3 Million in Classroom Upgrades
6 classrooms have been upgraded at a cost of $3 million

New Science Laboratories

Two new science laboratories opened in Fall 2017 using a mix of state, campus and private funding

2019-20 Technology Highlights 


  • Migrated the first set of physical systems into the Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Rolled out DocuSign and OnBase Digital Workflows to support remote work environments
  • Created on-demand and live 360 interactive video tours to support faculty searches and prospective students
  • Supported the transition of 25,000+ students and 5,000+ faculty and staff to learn, teach and work remotely


Tech Support Quantity
Classrooms upgraded with modernized technology 25
Wireless internet access 1,702 access point locations
Campus computing devices supported 12,647 devices
Support requests served 25,758 service tickets
Technology support satisfaction 9.52 out of 10 (A grade!)
Fresno State Google accounts 297,207
Digital files stored 1,656 terabyes
New Fresno State mobile app downloads 4,120


Information Secuirty and Privacy
Information Security/Privacy Implemented Quantity
Fresno State employees using Multi-Factor Authentication protection 97%
Security vulnerabilities prevented and/or removed 3.6 million
Confidential files removed from unsecured locations 392,061
Spyware prevented 101,107


Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Quantity
Fresno State users enrolled in DocuSign 1,805
Documents sent through DocuSign 24,751
Paper-based or In-person workflows converted to digital 10
Cal State Innovation grants to support student success $130,000


DISCOVERe 2019 Highlights

DISCOVERe Student Enrollment

  • 2019 Academic Year Enrollment: Over 18,000 Students

DISCOVERe Tablet Loaner Usage

  • Fall 2019 Enrollment: 3,150 Students (97% increase)
    • Fall 2018 Enrollment: 1,600 Students

DISCOVERe Satisfaction

  • Student satisfaction: 89.5% (9.2% increase)
  • Faculty satisfaction: 84.2% (5.4% increase)

DISCOVERe Engagement

  • 95% of students report feeling more engaged vs. traditional courses

Graduation Rates

  • DISCOVERe students continue to take and earn more units than non-DISCOVERe students and as a result are more on track to realize higher 4-year and 6-year graduation rates.

Student Retention

  • Most recent data shows 93.1% of DISCOVERe students (vs. 89.9% of non-DISCOVERe students) show higher retention rates.

DISCOVERe Cost Savings

  • Cost Savings: 72% vs. a traditional course, 60% of DISCOVERe courses are completely free

DISCOVERe Total Enrollment (Since Inception)

  • 43,000 unique students

DISCOVERe Total Faculty Training (Since Inception)

  • Over 500 faculty

DISCOVERe Total Cost Savings (Since Inception)

  • Nearly $6 million saved


Programs for Children expansion completed in ED-10 and FFS-130


Resnick Student Union construction has begun ($60 million)

Laboratories and Health Center Modernized

6 Laboratories and the Health Center have been modernized


Bulldog Express

Bulldog Express ridership reached a total of over 497,145 since 2016

Blue Bus White Background

149,759 Free Transit Rides in 2019/20 for employees and students on:

  • Fresno Area Express
  • Clovis Transit
  • V-Line to Visalia
Fresno State Police Department

Grew Fresno State police from 20 to 27 since FY14/15

Campus Safety Improvements

Campus Safety Improvements

Twice a year, a team from University Police Department, Facilities and ASI walk the campus after dark to identify safety hazards or opportunities to improve campus safety. A number of improvements have been made as a result of this effort:

  • Converted all exterior lighting to LED
  • Upgraded lighting including additional LED lights, new fixtures in walkways and parking areas, addition of floodlights and wall pack lights in numerous areas
  • Trimming of bushes and trees
Blue Books with white Background

Reduced Student Book Costs

Through Kennel Bookstore and DISCOVERe, reduced student book costs by $1.8 million through access to e-books and book rentals.


Bulldog Stadium Upgrades (Phase I)

  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Replaced field lighting and field turf
  • Elevator modernization (east and west)
Blue Runner

Kinesiology field and Warmerdam field spaces upgraded

Waste Recycling

Improving Campus Sustainable Practices

  • Implemented Recycle 2020 to improve waste diversion
  • Eliminated single-use plastic straws and plastic bags across campus January 1, 2019
  • 2 electric vans added to warehouse fleet
  • AASHE Sustainability Tracking
  • Assessment and Rating System (STARS) program launched
  • Campus joined the United Nations Global Compact Initiative