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Office of the President

Workplace Quality Survey

2019 Survey

Our second Workplace Quality Survey was conducted in March 2019. The goals of the survey are to understand faculty and staff perceptions of our workplace environment; reexamine our strengths and assess areas that require focus and action; and develop a framework to help us strengthen employee engagement.

Open Forums were held on September 12, 2019 to share the overall University survey results with the campus community. The presentation and data can be found below.

Division/Department and School/College survey results will be shared with individual workgroups over the Fall 2019 Semester.

2017 Survey

A Workplace Quality Survey was conducted in March 2017 to help us better understand faculty and staff perceptions of our work environment. The survey results provided a baseline of our strengths and identified areas that required our focus and attention. The University, each Division and most departments created action plans to improve workplace quality as a result of the survey feedback.

The presentation and the overall campus scorecard that were shared at the open Forums on September 25, 2017 are available below:

Here are just a few of the actions we have taken as a result of feedback received:

  • Engaged the campus community in a conversation about how we treat each other which resulted in our Principles of Community.
  • Invested heavily in professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Launched the President's Leadership Academy and monthly leadership lunch and learns to strengthen the culture of leadership and enhance the capacity and capabilities of Fresno State leaders.
  • Expanded training for managers, supervisors, leads and department chairs — 142 managers/leads have attended the two-day Principles of Supervision workshop.
  • Improved our internal campus communications by streamlining messages and introducing the weekly employee newsletter Campus News.
  • Updated staff and manager performance evaluation forms.
  • Enhanced employee onboarding programs to include welcome baskets, an annual welcome breakfast for all new faculty and staff, a six-day new faculty network and orientation program and a new staff orientation program coming in March.
  • Improved existing programs and introduced new efforts to recognize employees.

Review the Submitted Feedback