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Strategic Plan


Spring 2022 - Preparation: Select steering committee; Hold initial meeting; Review process.

Summer 2022 - Develop website; Identify and post information/research useful to the planning process.

September 2022 -

  1. First campus Town Hall meetings
  2. Student forum
  3. Meetings: Faculty Senate Exec. Com., deans, Staff Assembly Exec. Com
  4. Roundtables: University Advisory Board; Alumni Association, Fresno State Foundation Board, Ag One Foundation, Bulldog Foundation, Commissions

October 2022 - Establish guiding statements; Subcommittee to review/revise core values, mission and vision.

November 2022 - Establish goals; Hold second Town Hall meetings to review core values, vision, mission and goals.

January 2023 - Appoint goal subcommittees; Develop measurement criteria and targets

February/March 2023 - Formulate strategies; Compile first draft of plan. 

April/May 2023 - Third Town Hall meetings to share draft.

Summer 2023 - Refine draft based on Town Halls; Develop implementation plan, including budget estimates.

Fall 2023 - Complete plan; Final review and approvals; Begin implementation and ongoing assessment.