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Title IX Implementation

10.25.22 - Title IX Task Force Update to the President

Communication/Web Presence Subcommittee: 

  • Links on the home page
  • Search functions
  • Web page appearance
  • Language
  • User friendly across platforms 

Policy Subcommittee: 

  • Updating policies students and employees
  • RTP process
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Disciplinary actions and consequences 
  • Memos and sunsetting
  • Personnel files held centrally
  • 360 evaluation for all MPPs
  • Working with unions

Prevention/Education/Training Subcommittee: 

  • Supplemental trainings
  • Cultural competence 
  • Training tracks for different audiences
  • Chairs/Deans College
  • Courses
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Compliance and incentives for completion
  • Communication/awareness of trainings
  • Culture of training completion
  • Marketing/social media campaign
  • Curriculum development and badging
  • Syllabus template 

Process Subcommittee: 

  • Software systems that allow for case tracking
  • Intake/triage
  • Timing
  • Resources
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Structure 

Structure/Checks and Balances: 

  • Ambassadors/peer mentors (at the College level or shared between a few colleges)
  • Case managers to shepherd cases throughout the process and provide updates/resources, follow-up on tasks
  • Centralized unit and neutral space
  • Risk tolerance analysis
  • Toolkit of resources/supports 


  • Data analyst to assist with various aspects of assessment needed (e.g., campus climate survey/focus groups, identify structural issues/imbalances, evidenced practices regarding recommendations and if they are working, reports/research)

Listening Sessions: 

  • Student Voice (completed)
  • Faculty Voice (completed)
  • Staff Voice (scheduling)
  • LGBTQ+ Voice (scheduling)
  • Black Students, Faculty, Staff Voice (scheduling)
  • Faculty of Color Voice (scheduling)

Timeline for Implementation:

Project Timeline
Project Projected Time
Title IX/DHR merge December 2022
New Survivor Advocate January 2023
Syllabus template Fall 2023 
Compliance 1 year
Climate survey 1 year 
Intake process 1 year 
Comprehensive In-person trainings  1 year
Chairs/Deans Training 1 year
TS assistance with websites 1 year
Hiring (6 positions) 2 years 
Policy updates 2 years 
Title IX webinar 2 years 
Curriculum development 2 years 
Marketing/social media campaign 2 years