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Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Fresno State empowers students for success through a transformative education rooted in active service with diverse communities.


With its local focus and global impact, Fresno State will be recognized as a model for advancing social, economic and environmental progress regionally, nationally and globally by providing an accessible, transformative education; conducting research on critical issues; and producing a generation of diverse leaders.  

Core Values

  • Exploration. We commit to cultivating the exploration of ideas and of creative expression through nurturing curiosity and open-mindedness. At Fresno State, we:
    • Challenge and empower our campus community to explore their personal and professional passions and potential 
    • Foster the exploration of innovative research and pedagogy to address current and emerging local, national and global issues
    • Support the exploration of diverse, collaborative and interdisciplinary perspectives to enduring questions and problems 
    • Prepare our students to explore the world, and experience other cultures and ways of thinking 
  • Excellence. We commit to growing excellence in research, teaching and professional development to reach our fullest potential. At Fresno State, we:
    • Recognize and reward the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff
    • Provide transformative educational experiences in an environment where we all continuously learn from each other
    • Nurture creative, engaged and diverse thinkers to discover the best solutions to complex problems    
    • Engage students, faculty and staff with enriching personal and professional development programs and training to enhance personal growth, vocational satisfaction and job retention 
  • Inclusion. We commit to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belongingness based on a fundamental respect for others. At Fresno State, we:
    • Embrace and celebrate all races, colors, religions, histories, cultures, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, national origins, genetics, abilities, ages, and military status
    • Ensure an environment that is welcoming and safe where identities and beliefs can be developed and shared 
    • Strive towards an equitable and accessible education for our entire community
    • Teach our campus community to value the differences they see between themselves and others, and how these differences are sources of strength
    • Foster a culture where everyone feels comfortable expressing their views and beliefs and learns to listen and appreciate the views and beliefs of others
  • Community. We commit to strengthening our community through education, research and service. At Fresno State, we:
    • Embody a campus community that reflects and implements the four Principles of Community: respect, kindness, collaboration and accountability
    • Value integrity and transparency to enhance shared governance
    • Elevate a conscientious culture of environmental sustainability on campus and in the community
    • Develop community partnerships to expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff to grow by serving and addressing regional issues in ways that could influence the world  
    • Encourage a culture of giving back to the campus and the region
    • Inspire our students to be global leaders and to spread the knowledge, values and respect they have learned