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Strategic Plan

Timeline for Development of Strategic Plan

Spring 2022 

  • President appointed Fresno State 2023-2029 strategic plan steering committee members 
  • President appointed a strategic planning coordinator
  • President held initial planning meeting with steering committee 

Summer 2022 

  • Strategic plan website was developed
  • Resources were posted online to provide useful information during the campus strategic plan input phase 
  • Steering committee met to continue the strategic planning process 

September 2022

  • First round of Strategic plan input began with the hosting of:
    1. Two staff and faculty town hall meetings
    2. One student town hall 
    3. Hosted  campus leadership input sessions: 
    4. Hosted community leadership input sessions:
      1. Foundation Board of Governors
      2. Boards and commissions 
      3. University Advisory Board 
      4. K-12 and community college partners 
    5. Strategic plan survey was made available to all students, staff and faculty 
      1. Faculty members conducted survey in the classroom 
      2. Hand copies of surveys were delivered to employees at the student health center and in units 5 & 6 

October 2022 

  • Planning team and president reviewed data collected at town halls, meetings, input sessions and surveys 
  • Planning team and president identified themes and goals 

November 2022  

  • Formed a guiding statements sub-committee to review and suggest revisions for core values, mission and vision 
  • Steering committee reviewed and provided input on the core values, mission and vision 

January 2023 

  • Strategic plan goals were crafted 
  • President hosted the second round of town halls  inviting input on the draft core values, mission and vision, strategic plan goals and themes
  • President appointed sub-committee members to focus on developing goals, measurement criteria and targets in support of the main themes

February-April 2023 

May 2023

Summer 2023 

  • Strategic plan was refined

Fall 2023

  • President approved and published the final plan  
  • Campus began implementation and ongoing assessment