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Feedback Concerns and Responses

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Feedback received September 2021 - April 2022

Posted on 5/23/22

CONCERN: I'm concerned about irrigation and landscaping efforts for the plants and trees on campus. What is being done in light of California's drought conditions to ensure we are preserving our existing landscaping?

RESPONSE: The campus has implemented several water conservation initiatives including incorporating drought-tolerant landscaping; converting landscape areas to water-wise drip irrigation and low-water-use overhead irrigation; installing weather-based central irrigation controllers; and transitioning to one variety of turf grass that requires less water. We have an annual Tree Maintenance Plan that includes trimming over 6,000 trees for traffic and/or pedestrian clearance, and/or for the health of the tree. Please reach out to Dillon Griffith (Facilities Management) at for additional information.

CONCERN: Have we considered changing the price of employee parking passes depending on the type of employee classification?

RESPONSE: This could help create a more equitable pricing system. Employee parking permit fees are determined and ratified by the respective collective bargaining units. The current fees range from $13.36 to $18.00 depending upon the bargaining unit.

CONCERN: Are we currently looking at ways to ensure the CSUBUY system remains efficient and cost-effective for the university?

RESPONSE: CSUBuy is a systemwide initiative that has improved since the first phase was implemented in February 2021. Fresno State is one of five campuses currently piloting the third and final phase - "Procure to Pay". More information on CSUBuy. Please reach out to Brian Cotham (Director of Procurement and Support Services) at if you would like to provide specific feedback for any process improvement.

CONCERN: What are the hours and availability of the undergraduate advising offices?

RESPONSE: The University Advising Center and other student support programs (e.g. EOP, Learning Center, etc.) are all open and offering both face-to-face and virtual services.

CONCERN: I am a student, can I recieve a hot spot for my online classes?

RESPONSE: Hotspots are available in the DISCOVERe Hub for students.

CONCERN: What is the current status of the teleworking policy at Fresno State?

RESPONSE: The campus implemented a Pilot Telecommuting program in spring 2022 and it will continue through summer. A survey has been sent out in an effort to seek feedback from employees and supervisors to help inform considerations for the program going forward. As with all of our initaitives, we must assure that they align directly with student success.

CONCERN: I would like to suggest that we need more EV charging stations on campus.

RESPONSE: We recognize the increasing demand for EV parking infrastructure and are actively working to procure and install additional charging stations as part of the Central Plant Utility Replacement (CUPR) project.

CONCERN: In light of the news re: Chancellor Castro, I feel it would be beneficial if we had opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to come together and engage in professionally facilitated conversations to process and make contributions to changes in policies and procedures. Most importantly, though, I think giving folks the space and resources to deal with the emotions resulting from this would be critical to the healing of our Fresno State community.

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing this idea and advocating for healing within our community. I have made it a priority to meet with impacted divisions and departments and I understand how this situation has impacted individual members of our campus differently and how the ways to heal are varied. I will continue to connect with our campus community and am grateful for the many students, staff, and faculty who have reached out personally to share their ideas for moving forward and building a strong and inclusive culture at Fresno State. For staff and faculty that wish for support, we have partnered with our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) representative, who has been a tremendous resource for our employees during this time. To schedule a confidential appointment, please call 559.278.1655 or email at If you are in need of immediate or after-hour support, please use the resources through Empathia, which are available 24/7 by calling 1-800-367-7474.

CONCERN: "For telecommute- create barcode/scan for staff person to place on their office door. This code could create an immediate Zoom call/meeting. This would provide immediate interaction, akin to stopping by someone’s office."

RESPONSE: There are options for this type of need, including Zoom virtual assistant but business processes would need to be defined. Please have your department or division reach out to Technology Services to discuss your needs or requirements.

CONCERN: We should consider flexible work schedules, such as 9/80 (eight 9 hrs; one 8 hrs every 2-weeks) for all staff or a 4/10 schedule during Summer hours.

RESPONSE: Staff have the option to work an alternative work schedule with the approval of their supervisor and Vice President. More information is available here.

CONCERN: Fresno State needs a standard operating procedure for when active shooter threats are made to a department on-campus.

RESPONSE: As outlined on the Emergency Procedures and Preparedness website, if you see or hear of an active shooter ON campus, immediately contact the Fresno State Police Department. Please reach out to Amy Luna (Manager for Emergency Operations and Business Continuity) at for training and if you would like assistance in creating an emergency plan for your department.

CONCERN: Include employees preferred pronouns in the Directory and their full titles.

RESPONSE: Technology Services is considering preferred pronouns in future implementation. Full titles could be included but would require input from HR and other campus stakeholders.

CONCERN: Students need to be able to see a counselor in the student health center once a week. We should not be letting our students get to the point of being actively suicidal before being able to meet with their counselor on a weekly basis.

RESPONSE: Students can access counseling resources at the Student Health and Counseling Center on a weekly basis through a variety of different ways. For example, Let's Talk is an anonymous counseling service staffed by our licensed counselors available weekly M-F 9am-4pm. Crisis services are visits specifically designated for mental health emergencies available on a weekly basis M-F 8am-5pm. Group support services are also available on a weekly basis for students to express feelings and get support.

CONCERN: What is the current plan to require vaccines, or weekly testing, to attend in-person classes for Fall 2022?

RESPONSE: The CSU's COVID-19 vaccination policy allows students and employees to seek exemptions on medical and religious grounds. For those who do not provide proof of vaccination or have received an exemption are required to comply with the mandatory weekly testing.

CONCERN: Would we consider allowing Fresno State employees to use the counseling center on campus? We could also create a dedicated relaxation room, recharge room, or another meditation room for employees to utilize to increase mental health services and awareness.

RESPONSE: The Student Health and Counseling Center operates under Executive Order 943, which requires that it offer health services "to facilitate the retention of students matriculated in state-supported programs of the university and to enhance the academic performance of students through accessible and high quality medical care, public health prevention programs, and educational programs and services". Students pay a mandatory health fee, which supports the services of the center.

CONCERN: Open a dedicated Conflict Resolution Center on-campus to include the DHR Office, Title IX Office and potentially other parties, such as union representatives, a confidential analyst/representative from Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and Employee Relations.

RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion. We will share this suggestion with the Title IX Task Force.

CONCERN: Is the Bulldog ID and key card office open for in-person services? Why does the website reflect that it's still close for in-person services due to the pandemic?

RESPONSE: The Bulldog Card office now utilizes an online process for new and replacement cards. In-person support is also available at the Cashiering Services windows. The website has been updated to reflect this. For additional information, please contact Antoinette Castanon (Cashiering Office) at

CONCERN: Can we arrange for Peoplesoft training on a regular basis for employees?

RESPONSE: PeopleSoft training currently is not offered, but we can explore training from vendors.