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Office of the President

Feedback Concerns and Responses

Latest Responses 

Feedback received September 2022 - December 2022

Posted on: 2/6/23

CONCERN: Can something be done about faculty/staff backing up their cars and taking up two parking spots when we are already short on faculty/staff parking spots?

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. Fresno State Parking Ordinance 3a States that vehicles must be completely contained in parking spaces.Our traffic operations team regularly monitors the parking stalls for parking compliance.

CONCERN: What is the plan to upgrade older classrooms in Lab School and other buildings?

RESPONSE: Modernization of our centrally scheduled classrooms is a high priority but dependent upon both CSU capital outlay funding as well as campus reserves. At this time, the long term plan is to demolish the Lab School Building, not invest in any significant modernization. Facility modernization priorities will be a part of the visioning process for the next University Strategic Plan.

CONCERN: Can we ensure that work orders that are submitted through technology services are responded to in a timely manner?

RESPONSE: Thank you for sharing your concerns about the response time for work orders. Technology Services is working to create a streamlined process to ensure that work orders and tickets are promptly completed. If you are referring to a specific work order, please forward the number to Elise Rodriguez at

CONCERN: It is very cold in McLane Hall, which makes learning challenging. What is the status for temperature control during construction? 

RESPONSE: We experienced several hot water line breaks over the past few months which impacted the ability for our system to heat buildings. The leaks have now been repaired and heating is restored. If you have any concerns about heating, please email Meredith Sandrick at or notify your instructor.

CONCERN: I am concerned about how the grounds are maintained during construction. What is the plan to ensure that our grounds are restored and continue to attract and retain students to our campus?

RESPONSE: As shared in the July 18 2022 issue of Campus News, to ensure landscaping impacts are mitigated and minimized to the extent possible, our Campus Arboretum Committee has been meeting with the CUPR P3 developer team to review and approve a CUPR Landscape Restoration Plan. A Tree Protection Plan is included in the CUPR Landscape Restoration plan. Any trees that must be removed due to construction will be replaced per the requirements of the Campus Arboretum Tree Care Plan.For every medium or large tree that is removed, two trees will be replanted in its place.