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Office of the President

Feedback Concerns and Responses

Latest Responses 

Feedback received June 2022 - August 2022

Posted on 10/21/22

CONCERN: The Bulldog Card Office appears to not have reopened in person since pre-pandemic. Are there plans to reopen in person, anytime soon?

RESPONSE: In person support is available at the Cashier window in Joyal Administration, South Lobby. Our online process helps to streamline and make more efficient the processing of Bulldog ID Cards. More information can be found here.

CONCERN: I am concerned about the security of the Zoom phone, what is being done to ensure our phone calls are secure and private?

RESPONSE: It is of the utmost importance to Technology Services that all available measures are being taken to ensure the security and privacy of Fresno State users as they use Zoom Phone for voice communications. As with all technology platforms, designated system administrators have access to all Zoom Phone features, including voicemail, transcription, and location awareness; and on rare occasions are called upon to access this information. In these cases, prior approval is obtained from legal counsel, and all access points are logged. System administrators will follow current security procedures and processes.

CONCERN: List all the Graduate President's Medalists like you did for Undergraduate Medalist--why not celebrate the others as well?

RESPONSE: The Graduate President's Medalists are listed on our website:

CONCERN: Will Juneteenth, now a recognized Federal Holiday, also be recognized here at Fresno State as an official paid holiday?

RESPONSE: The campus has not received further guidance from the Chancellor's Office about this important date becoming a l paid holiday for CSU employees (refer to President's email on June 18, 2021). The implementation of a new paid holiday must also be bargained with our employee unions.

CONCERN: I would recommend that the Fresno State jobs website allow a search functionality that allows you to filter jobs by salary range. 

RESPONSE: Fresno State Jobs now uses the CSU systemwide employment platform, PageUp for all job advertising. There are several filters available to refine searches. At this time, filtering by salary is not an available option.

CONCERN: Campus Map Update - Hire someone to make live video tours of each campus building, how to get there, where to find the most used rooms, highlight important offices

RESPONSE: Thank you for that suggestion, we are always looking at ways to improve campus access information.

CONCERN: Is there a comprehensive Fresno State financial presentation or annual report that reflects all funding, including state, foundation(s) (philanthropic), auxiliary, Athletic Corp, etc.? I would suggest that in order to be truly transparent, the budget presentation should include all entities that makeup Fresno State's financial status. Thank you for your consideration.

RESPONSE: Thank you for attending the Staff Assembly Budget Presentation. The intended topic of this presentation is to provide an overview of the CSU State budget and the campus Level A budget process. Annual financial reports for all of our auxiliary organizations are available to the public and posted on the following websites:

Auxiliary Organizations

CONCERN: I am concerned about the location of the new COVID testing center. It seems that privacy may be compromised in such a public location. 

RESPONSE: The COVID Testing Center was relocated to the USU in order to ensure convenient accessibility for our campus community. Partition privacy walls are in place.

CONCERN: Are there any plans to update the Joyal Administration Building? Other buildings are being updated, and I am concerned that the Joyal Administration building is not getting the same attention. 

RESPONSE: We recognize the Joyal Administration building is in need of modernization. We are currently working on a plan to upgrade the Fire Alarm and HVAC systems. Additional upgrades include lighting and restroom remodels.

CONCERN: I would suggest creating a dedicated space to staff and faculty in the new student union.

RESPONSE: The Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union is funded with student fees and provides dedicated space for student co-curricular student use. Unfortunately, it would not be the appropriate building for a providing a dedicated faculty/staff lounge area. 

CONCERN: While on vacation this summer I stopped by a university campus and saw what I thought was a great idea. They had scattered Adirondack style chairs around the groups, beneath large shade trees and such. These were more than just visually appealing and comfortable. The broad arms were being used by students like small desks for their laptops. They seemed really popular with the students and I can see lots of places around our campus beneath our beautiful trees that have no seating options.

RESPONSE: Thank you so much for that thoughtful suggestion. We are always looking at ways other campuses are utilizing green space and appreciate your feedback. 

CONCERN: Considering the amount of traffic that comes with football games, it would be nice if offices could close early, before streets are blocked off, to allow staff to get off campus more easily.

RESPONSE: Staff, in consultation with their supervisor, have the option to request to leave early on the days football events occur on a weekday.

CONCERN: When an office does a remodel, there should be a central storage for their old (reusable) furniture, fixtures, and other parts that can be used in other remodels.

RESPONSE: Surplus equipment and furniture can be sent to the Warehouse to be made available for any of our departments to select items from. If you have any questions, please contact Jake Ward at