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Office of the President

Feedback Concerns and Responses

Latest Responses 

Feedback received June 2023 - October 2023

Posted on: 11/14/23

CONCERN: What happened to staff events like STAR Day and Red Friday? I would like to see a bigger focus on staff events and activities.

RESPONSE: Red Friday is offered by the Staff Assembly at the beginning of each month. Human Resources recognizes the importance of offering on-campus professional development opportunities - watch for the Organizational Professional Development calendar on the 1st and 15th of every month.  A calendar of activities is also available.  Human Resources is underway to hire a Manger of Organizational Learning & Development.  Once onboard, this position will help coordinate a larger, more expanded program for STAR Day.

CONCERN: Can Accounting Services/Student Accounts have a better feedback form similar to Financial Aid?

RESPONSE: Thank you for your question. Accounting Services is here to serve our students and if there is a suggestion for enhanced communications or more timely responses, please provide any feedback or suggestions to University Controller, Tom Chacon, at

CONCERN: Can green/red flags (or some type of coding system) be used to identify walking routes around construction areas?

RESPONSE: Detour and alternative path of travel signs should be in place directing pedestrians. We have also placed audio sensors along major pedestrian paths to provide audio warnings near construction areas.  Please access the interactive map that provides up-to-date ADA pedestrian path of travel routes across campus.  Additional feedback or pedestrian path of travel concerns can be submitted to the Concern Tracking Form. Fortunately, many of the fences for the Central Utility Plant project are starting to be removed and many paths of travel have been reopened recently.

CONCERN: Hundreds, if not more, bees have died in the west staircase of the Kremen Education building. Can something be done to remedy this?

RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know. Our Facilities Management team will address and clean this area.  

CONCERN: Can the outdated banners on the light poles around campus be removed? 

RESPONSE: We are excited to be able to share that in parnership with our Faciities Management team, the pole banners will be updated and refreshed over the course of the next few months. Be on the lookout for new pole banners soon!

CONCERN: Is there any university policy that prevents cars from backing up into parking stalls or parking over two stalls?

RESPONSE: Both situations are covered in Section 3 of our university parking ordinances:
Ordinance 3a - Vehicles must be completely contained in parking spaces
Ordinance 3c - Diagonally parked vehicles must be parked facing into parking spaces.

CONCERN: Student parking is under construction and that has greatly limited the amount of spaces available. Due to the current situation, I believe full price should not be in effect. What is the process behind that and having some sort of financial relief to parking?

RESPONSE: We recognize that the construction related to the P5 and P6 solar panel installation project earlier this semester temporarily impacted our parking inventory footprint on the east side of campus. Unfortunately, the contractor was not able to complete all work before the start of the semester due to supply chain delays and other challenges. All of the parking spaces have since been reopened (except for a small section in P5). As a reminder, Fresno State has the second lowest student parking permit rate in the entire CSU ($93) and we have not increased our rates since 2012 even though our parking program expenses continue to increase each year including the ongoing need for parking lot repairs and reconstruction projects. Operationally there is no ability to offer a price adjustment.

CONCERN: I am concerned about the damage my car is taking from all the construction (flat tores due to leftover nails, glass, etc). Is there a process where employees can have their car fixed when the damage is a result of the construction?

RESPONSE: You may report any vehicle damage to the University Police Department so that a police report can document the incident/damage. This information will then be shared with Risk Management to determine the entity responsible. If you notice any unsafe conditions or maintenance issues that may be a result of campus construction, please submit a construction-related concern.

CONCERN: Can the hand sanitizing stations on campus be more accessible?

RESPONSE: Hand sanitizing stations are available at every building entrance.  Bottles of hand sanitizer are also provided in classrooms.  Please contact Facilities Management at 559.278.2373 if you notice a bottle missing or empty.

CONCERN: There have been a lot of religious individuals on campus trying to recruit students. It's uncomfortable and doesn't make me feel safe or that I belong. Can we do something about this?

RESPONSE: Fresno State is a public campus where freedom of expression and free speech is allowed.  Please refer to our Time Place and Manner Policy. If you are prevented from accessing a building entry or walkway or feel personally unsafe in any way, please contact the Fresno State Police Department at 559.278.8400.

CONCERN: The Presidential Booth offers so much potential to connect with students, but students often do not understand the roles of those in the booth. I'd like to suggest that there be a sign on an easel with some identifying information about the person in the booth and what they are responsible for. 

RESPONSE: That is a really good suggestion! Marketing and Communications will provide a template to our leaders in the booth that they can customize and display when they are staffing it.