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Office of the President

Policies and Resources

Freedom of speech is a foundational value of our constitutional system in the United States, and it is at the core of Fresno State’s mission.

In support of free and open expression, Fresno State maintains policies which prevent unreasonable disruptions and obstructions, protect the legal rights and safety of all members of the campus community, ensure equitable and proper use of campus grounds and facilities, and more. Such policies along with additional campus resources are listed below.


University policies

Campus community resources

Concern and Action Guide

 If you are concerned about the behavior or wellbeing of any one in the campus community, reference this guide to understand what actions you can take to help.

Principles of Community

Our Principles of Community reflect our core values as well as our deep commitment to our mission. They exemplify what we aspire to be and how we treat each other. 

Faculty resources

University’s statement on academic freedom

The primary purpose of a university is to promote the exploration of ideas and the discovery and dissemination of knowledge and understanding. The university is to be an open forum for ideas and issues to be raised, challenged, and tested. 

Academic Senate's Statement on Freedom of Speech

The right to free speech is the cornerstone of freedom of thought and democratic self-governance, and public institutions must uphold free speech under the U.S. Constitution. California State University, Fresno faculty, students and staff stand for these principles because free speech is essential for academic freedom.

CSU Definition of Academic Freedom

The California State University lists its defnition of academic freedom under its academic policies. The defintion outlines both adacemic freedom and academic responsibility.

Faculty members’ rights and responsibilities

Faculty members enjoy the right to exercise academic freedom within the context of their professional responsibilities as set forth in the University Statement on Academic Freedom. Faculty members also have the reasonable expectation of a safe and secure work environment that respects individual differences and promotes an accepting climate for diverse perspectives.


Student resources

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to be good citizens and to engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well upon their university, to be civil to one another and to others in the campus community, and contribute positively to student and university life.

Club and Organization Handbook

This handbook contains summaries of the policies, procedures, privileges and responsibilities of recognized student organizations. It should be read carefully and retained annually for reference, as it defines the conditions under which your association must operate and all policies for which it will be held accountable.