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Office of the President

What We Do Best

Positive Feedback Archive

Provide students with facilities that are not often provided at other universities, like the infrastructure, free Bus, food, clothing and more. I really feel that Fresno State offers so much warmth to the students, that is very well done.

What Fresno State does best is hire incredible teachers

Team Spirit!

The new Technology Services ticketing system seems to be working well. TS typically responds to requests in a timely manner.

Janitorial services is very friendly and does a good job in Engineering East second floor.

College communications directors do a great job of publicizing the colleges on social media.

I am thankful that we have several transportation options on campus. The shuttles and free Fresno FAX rides are great services to me and other students.

Bulldog pride

Fresno state is a wonderful campus and staff members are helpful. I am grateful that Fresno State offers a bus to help out commuters, especially for those that can not drive.

Increased support for veterans over the past few years.

Welcoming of students and persistent communications to achieve degree completions/graduations.

Inclusivity towards students

Research opportunities

Encourages the staff, students and faculty to be bold in all areas of life.

Fresno State Cheer


Prepare students for their future.

Care for our health

Being inclusive

Making students and faculty feel welcome.

The Catering department on campus is awesome! I had 5 events this week and they were on time (early actually), had great tasting food and pleasant staff to work with at each event. I truly appreciate all of their hard work every day!

Teach their students at the best of their ability.

Accommodate student's needs

Community outreach

President Castro, I'd like to thank you and Tech Services for taking our concerns with the campus website search engine seriously. Since Tech Services instituted the new Custom Google Search engine a month or so ago, navigating the campus website yields accurate and relevant results once more. I know it probably wasn't easy to do but was definitely needed.


Many things

Supports students

Being student centered

Provide an education

I am one of the students studying at Fresno state at Undergraduate level. As you know, doing undergrad here requires us to complete General Education Requirement. Some of the General Education Requirements are really general in their essence, for instance, biology or geography. These types of GE classes really worth every student whether he or she is a domestic student or an International Student.

Fresno State provides a great education for the cost of attendance. It saved me from digging a hole of debt that many other schools would have caused and I will be forever grateful.

Allow free parking for some

High-quality education

Helping underprivileged students


I think it's great that Fresno State is implementing this Immediate Access program so students can get their textbooks and materials at a lower cost.

Bringing Bulldog Pride to the Central Valley!


Take of care of students

Promote itself

Community awareness

I appreciate the effort that is put into education about the diversity on campus.

I believe Fresno State does a great job of making students feel like they can ask questions.

Educates the diverse students served as well as anyone in the nation!

Create a place for students to grow in leadership and succeed in academics outside the classroom.

Cares for everyone on campus.

I am so happy - hope it is not just me. Coming into campus in the morning and leaving at the end of the day has been hassle free. Last year it was complete gridlock. So whatever you have changed. Thank you!

School Spirit

Provide affordable software for students to use such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft applications.

I submitted feedback about the garden beds outside the Haak Administrative area several semesters ago. I was waiting for the elevators recently and noticed the beautiful new planting. I appreciate the talents of our faculty and students in beautifying this area, and feedback is valued and often acted upon.


Fresno State administration really does take the time to address certain situations with regards to the feedback, even if it is something that is repetitive. The fact that the information is out there for someone who may have missed it previously is important.


Creating a welcome environment

I love the Buckets new menu items. I want to applaud the staff for the new salads and bowl options. Not only do they taste great, they are very affordable! Kudos to The Bucket!

Our office loves the new taco bar buffet that Campus Catering offers. Their food is always so fresh and the staff is so friendly. Keep up the good work.

The catering department on campus is great to work with. I love their menu selection and their price is great too. Every time I place an order everything is done efficiently and the staff that works the events are nice and friendly. Great job catering team!

Provide a safe and clean campus for students, faculty, and staff, including the general public.

Serve the people of California!

Being an inclusive campus.

LOVE the police department for keeping traffic moving on Barstow during business times!

As an alum of the Jordan College of Ag Sciences and Technology I can say they do a great job of preparing students for careers in their respective industries.

Serve the interest of the students

FSU keeps the campus grounds very nice, some buildings need some paint and updates.

Provide equal opportunities for students

Commit to an inclusive community for staff, students, and the greater Fresno County

Fresno State supports student success and teaching in a way universities should, where students are always the priority.

Offer great services for students, such as, tutoring, food pantry, some daycare options, pharmacy, career advising, and MUCH MORE. Keep up the amazing work Fresno State!

Fresno State, including our administration, faculty, staff and student body, are learning to respect diversity and views of people who may be different from their own. Misinformation, blatant bias and fake news have no place in a school of higher learning.

Respect for diversity

Fantastic compassionate, smart students, caring, smart faculty. Opportunities and recognition for lots of hard work to make changes that matter!

I would like to thank President Castro for funding the marching band. The band means so much to me and so many others. Fresno State has given me so many opportunities, and the band is a direct source for many of these experiences. I have gotten to travel more in a year than I have in the last five years of my life, and having access to instruments that work and are fairly new allow us to sound even better. I wish you could have seen us when we received the announcement that we are getting new uniforms, we all were so excited. I wanted to thank you and your staff for supporting us.

Has instructors that genuinely care for their students’ success.

I think Fresno State is a wonderful place to work.

Marketing Fresno State as an Up & Coming CSU worthy to Compete with CSU's & UC's in California.

Listening to the campus community

Provide an affordable education!

They have a lot of first generation staff and faculty.

The diversity of Central California is strongly reflected in Fresno State's students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Fresno State has a lovely and welcoming campus.

Discovery, Diversity, Distinction. Fresno State encourages and assists all students, faculty and staff to become the best they can be through frequent opportunities for growth and professional development, I highly appreciate this aspect of my Alma Mater and my workplace. Which is why I have to provide the following piece of growth for the campus community...

caring for our student's success and quality education

Dr. Castro’s leadership!

Genuinely care about making Fresno State and our community better!

Fresno State is doing great academically and athletically! It is on the rise each and every day.

Thumbs up to your feedback page. I have submitted several suggestions through the feedback page and have seen the changes/upgrades completed over the past couple of years. Thank you :)

Serve the people of the Central Valley. We are the flagship of the area.

Thank you for keeping us informed of happenings on and around campus.

Kudos to the men and women who provide traffic control in the mornings on Barstow Ave.. Heat, cold, rain or sunshine they are out there. I want them to know their efforts are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

I like that there are designated programs that help enrich the campus community, such as the Cross Cultural and Gender Center.

Fresno State provides many opportunities to a diverse student body, including Latino/a and Hispanic communities. I appreciate Fresno State's commitment to uplifting historically marginalized communities.

I love the spirit and organizations that Fresno State has to offer. I love how the administration seems to really value the students and they get involved especially Dr. Castro, VP Lamas and AD Tumey. Would love to see more administration and faculty get involved.

Providing supplemental workshops to help with classes.

It has a very clean, well-kept campus. I appreciate that.

Helps with financial aid issues and concerns.
Has great food.
Amazing faculty.

Provide a sense of community.

Attracts students from diverse backgrounds.

They great in diversity, however they do not include Caucasian, white in any activities, ie hispanic clubs don’t welcome white but have to allow it to avoid discrimination.

Inexpensive education.

Listen to feedback.

It is amazing that Fresno State has electric vehicle charging stations available to its staff, faculty, and students. It is awesome to see the university supporting alternative fuels and making the charging resources available to us on campus. One of the many reasons I love Fresno State.

I appreciate the feedback page and Dr. Castro's willingness to be so approachable on campus and online. I have gone to several of the open forums and had great dialog with him on each occasion.

We educate.

Supporting students from all backgrounds to succeed.

I don't remember if this has been brought up in the past but wanted to bring up what an excellent job Printing Services has been doing lately. It has been a long journey for them but they have made quite a transformation from where they were 5 or 6 years ago. Their ability to perform a vast array of additional services at a very competitive price point makes it easy for our department to consistently use their services. Great job!

Fresno State has an outstanding Business Department and have the best staff working at the Veteran Service office.

Is there a training for graduate coordinators and advisors on how to advise students? It seems that many do not know what is required for their graduate students to graduate in a timely and cost effective manner. I have been given wrong information multiple times that has now delayed my graduate date by a semester, ultimately, costing me more money that I do not have.

Hiring great professors such as the music and history department that challenges my views and creates a discussion, and are virtuous individuals.

Makes faculty and staff feel valuable and appreciated.

Provides classes, presentations, events and resources to continue learning and growing.

Makes working here fun, exciting and pleasant.

Provide the opportunity to voice concerns.

The monthly inclusion, respect and equity lunches are wonderful. Brave and bold work happens there.

Fresno State does a great job of offering multiple amounts of classes available during the day.

President Castro your willingness to listen and be fair on things that need attention to.

I am finishing my first year as an assistant professor. One aspect of my experience that really stood out was the faculty orientation. The Center of Faculty Excellence did a wonderful job helping me to learn what I needed to know as I got started. The facilitation of this orientation helped me to build relationships with faculty in and out of my department. I hope Fresno State will make a long-term commitment to the extended version of faculty orientation.

I so appreciate the leadership at Fresno State. I appreciate you and your cabinet’s transparency and support of the first amendment, even when it’s challenging. I know that hasn’t been an easy task. Thank you.

I love working at Fresno State and feel like the administration truly cares about the students/faculty/staff it serves. With grace and poise, the administration serves our community and I truly appreciate the genuine concern and support.

Supports diversity and keeps friendly and peaceful atmosphere on campus.

Diversity is celebrated and encouraged here at Fresno State and I appreciate the efforts in that regard.

A genuine concern for student success is evident.

Accommodate disadvantaged students.

Fresno State has been awesome at facilitating student research but at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Diversity among students and faculty is wonderful! Appreciate your friendliness and presence around campus, you are very visible. Appreciate your prompt response to issues on campus (I just read your email related to the English professor) and your focus on respect for others.

This year catered food has been delicious, has a great menu, and the service professional. Thank you for the great improvement from last year.

Fresno state has the best balance of activities and academics in the entire CSU system.

Thank you for a terrific speech this morning. Fresno State is a great University for the reasons you have outline! I particularly appreciate how our community rallies time and time again to provide what's needed to help the people of our community, so many people are so committed to addressing the needs of our diverse and socio economically challenged community. You and the University are leading and inspiring all of us who are listening to do more to help improve our community.

Fresno State does a good job of trying to be inclusive of individuals from different ethnic, demographic and religious backgrounds.

I would like to thank SSD for their amazing work. The staff are so dedicated, not just in providing essential and support services, but also in advocating across campus for our students. The office is also always so festive and welcoming.

University Catering does an amazing job! Their food quality and selection is great. They always show up on time and their presentation of food is fantastic. Great job!!

What does Fresno State do best? Apparently not much with all the complaints. It is human nature to complain that is what we do best.

The campus is really nice, has a lot of greenery which is great.

Resources to empower marginalized students of color. Programs such as Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) have been instrumental to give voice to so many students. I am one of them. They accepted me into the CSU system even though I had only a 2.5 GPA in high school. The Summer Bridge program prepared me with fundamentals to navigate the college life.

Thanks to EOP accepting me my first year I completed my bachelors, worked 18 years as public school teacher, returned for my masters and this semester I will complete my doctorate in education leadership.

Fresno State does this best, having programs like EOP to give voice to so many students of color who are systematically oppressed. Thank you Fresno State for providing access to first generation college students from our San Joaquin Valley.

I am so proud of how far Fresno State has come with solving certain issues! The campus feels safer with all the emergency zones, well-lit areas, and plenty of security. The health department and pharmacy is renovated and well-organized. The shuttle really improves parking troubles.

I love that Fresno State values its students rights and is quick to address any issues regardless of personal opinion and political view. Students have a voice, Fresno State protects and facilitates that right.

President Castro your willingness to listen and be fair on things that need attention to.

Supports diversity and keeps friendly and peaceful atmosphere on campus.

Provide food through the student cupboard to help supplement our daily grocery needs.

Change lives for the better.

The campus is great. I really like other office staff.

Thank you for the support the Office of the University President has shown the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band. Your contribution towards the success of the program has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for your leadership and assistance in helping raise the scholarship amount for players, as well as the member stipends in previous years, travel expenses for the bowl trip, equipment, etc.

Accommodate student needs.

Listening to students.

Understanding student problems. Thank you for listening to my response to the class room being too cold.

Fresno State is a wonderful University that engages the community well. I have watched Fresno state over the years make real efforts to reach out to surrounding communities and invite them to partner with the university to create educational opportunities for the diverse peoples, populations of the Valley. We truly are the Valley's University! Also we are making great strides at transforming our campus into one of our nation’s best, a premiere research university. I've never been as proud of Fresno State as I am today! Fresno State loves our community and we love State back!! Be Bold! Go Dogs!

I love the bike barns that we have installed on campus. I appreciate the extra anti-theft precautions they provide a lot and use them whenever I can. Thank you for installing these.

Fresno State does best at feeling like Dr. Castro is not just a president or but actually leads. I've never experienced a school where I find the president passing out ice cream to students and doing events where we can say hi.

Create a space for innovative research.

The ability to connect with a diverse group of students and try to meet their needs.

Recruit excellent students.

Signal its support to students.

Encourage critical teaching and thinking among its students and faculty.

I have been a Fresno State student for four years now and I commend the hands on learning experiences I get outside of the classroom on a daily basis. In my time here I have learned and gained so many new skills.

Take care of those who look to pursue their goals, no matter of race, religion or background.

Educating students and embracing diversity!

My Professors are awesome, they are all very invested in each of their students and work great one on one I am so glad I chose Fresno State to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Provide opportunities for a diverse variety of students.

It hires dedicated faculty members who are devoted to the success of their students.

Fresno State has many strong programs in place to support its students. The Career Center provides professional attire for students--I've never seen or heard of any other institutions having such program in place to support their students. The Student Cupboard has helped me with both lunch and dinner. Sometimes, as I am rushing out to class, I don't have time to make/grab lunch, so it's really nice to have a Cupboard on campus. Whatever I cannot munch on for lunch, I save for dinner.

I love Fresno State. Being able to get from one side of campus to the other side in ten minutes is great! The professors I have had are nice and passionate about the subject they are teaching.

A good sense of community.

Representing and attending to the needs of a diverse student body from a diverse region of the state.

President Specific:

  • "President Castro, I would like to applaud you on your answers regarding the following issues:

    *The complaint regarding increase of diversity on campus being mostly Hispanic.

    *The smoke free campus policy.

    *The Enology Program.

    Keep up the good job President Castro."

  • Thank you for providing this forum! I enjoyed meeting with you at our recent STAR day!

Freedom of Speech:

  • As a CSUF alumni, I was relieved when President Castro defended students' constitutional right to free speech on the Fresno State campus in the aftermath of Professor Gregory Thatcher's poorly considered decision to vandalize pro-life chalk messages left by the Students for Life group.
  • As a Jewish Californian close to San Francisco State, I have appreciated your creation of an Edward Said professorship. SFSU has also honored Dr. Said, as you know. 
  • As a Jewish Californian close to San Francisco State, I have appreciated your creation of an Edward Said professorship. SFSU has also honored Dr. Said, as you know. 
  • Give students of the Valley an opportunity to hear open and honest discourse about current events


  • One thing that Fresno State is best at is listening to their students.
  • Take care of their Students, Staff and Faculty!!!
  • We have great programs offering quality education underrepresented minorities.
  • Our Career Center is growing leaps and bounds. We house an award winning (NASPA and NACE) clothing closet and we have doubled in staff in the past 2 years. Our outreach to the colleges and student support services keeps us busy and well known throughout campus. We have re-branded, started collaborating and tore down the silo around us. We are committed to student success.
  • Fresno State promotes an inclusive academic, personal and professional environment

Fresno State does a great job of offering a variety of courses with great professors.

Great faculty and staff.

Fresno State provides a quality education at an affordable price. I have had an overall great experience at this university, and am so glad to have chosen Fresno State to receive my education!

I couldn't be happier about the smoke-free policy that is coming into effect this fall. Thank you SO much for implementing such a healthy change to our campus.

I love how close the community at Fresno State is, both on and off campus. I feel like the university and the city are connected and that Fresno State really highlights community involvement. This has really deepened my experiences here!

Fresno State hires individuals who fit the position for the courses they are to teach. Fresno State does a great job of instilling professional behaviors from faculty and relating policies to the students to make them aware of expectations and university policy. 

Being that I just started an adjunct professor position for spring, I was able to take the Sexual Harassment and Conduct Training, which I thought was powerful and of high value. I wish all institutions and even school districts offered that course to instill professional conduct with students and among colleagues.

I love the diversity and all the events. Recently everything was good in my undergraduate studies.

Work to provide a quality University experience for all students.

Student Development

Resources and support are awesome.

Fresno State is best at allowing me to take the best dance classes for my minor.

I'd like to applaud the IT department for what appeared to be, on my end, a seamless transition from Zimbra to Google. I know a lot of hard work and late nights/early mornings went into making the transition happen and for a non-power user it was amazingly smooth on my end. I loved that there was training offered well before the switch and I was happy to see more trainings offered after the switch. Thank you IT Department for all of your hard work as the campus made that transition!

Fresno State educates its students to the highest levels possible. The challenges are great in which student are able to walk away with a formal education applicable to the job force.

Fresno State does a lot of good things, including giving the students voices through channels like this.

Currently, Fresno State has been good about making all of my cohort's major core classes available.

I've seen numerous improvements over the year since I have been attending Fresno State, including public transportation, napping pods, plans for a larger USU, a smoke-free environment, etc.

Fresno State does an amazing job of providing students with opportunities to gain valuable real world experience and participate in enriching activities that go beyond a lecture in a classroom.

Diversity in education

Its winery.

I love that Fresno State does its best to involve the community and give every student a sense of belonging. It is important for every university student to take away that school pride that we will carry for the rest of our years. I will forever carry my High School Pride (Go Wildcats). I hope to do the same and always be a Bulldog!

I will play the optimist and state that Fresno State upholds the posture of academic freedom. 


I don't know who is putting together the weekly Fresno State Campus News Newsletter, but it has been really great lately.  I love reading the stories about the students and faculty and all of the great people at Fresno State. Great work!

One thing that Fresno State is best at is listening to students.

As an alumni, I was relieved when President Castro defended students' constitutional right to free speech on the Fresno State campus in the aftermath of Professor Gregory Thatcher's poorly considered decision to vandalize pro-life chalk messages left by the Students for Life group.

I felt welcomed and appreciated as a new staff member.

I am very grateful for the food pantry provided for us because it has saved me from starving at times.

Train teachers to work in our schools. Teachers coming from the Kremen School of Education are better prepared than those coming from all the other colleges in the area and state, for that matter. 

You focus on diversity awareness.

I wanted to pass along that I think the data migration from Zimbra to Google was so amazingly coordinated and such a tremendous effort from the TS Department. It's not easy to pull off such an amazing transition and to make it look so easy! It's commendable to see such success for such a complicated process. Kudos to IT!

I just finished reading the latest Feedback responses and felt the need to thank Dr. Castro for his commendable leadership during a period in time when many people are "up in arms" over our current administration. Many of the responses I read were not a result of anything going on within our university, but more so focused on the university’s expected reaction to the Administration’s policies. President Castro has handled these issues in the best way possible and I appreciate our University president so much more for that!

On behalf of the Knights and Daughters of Vartan, thank you, Dr. Castro for accepting the Man of the Year award on March 25. It was wonderful to meet you and hear of the great things happening at Fresno State. Thank you also for the support of the Armenian Studies Program and your efforts in getting the Armenian Genocide Memorial placed on the campus. My father's village, Sivas, is one of the seven villages mentioned on the memorial. Most of his family were massacred during the 1915 Genocide. Thank you for honoring this memory with the monument on Fresno State Campus. Blessings to you and your family. Tom Babagian, Visalia, California

The university supports low-income, first-generation college students from a variety of minority groups from the Central Valley.

Fresno State does a great job of communicating with employees. If people will just read their email, they were get all the important announcements. Also, the new Campus News is a great newsletter for staff and faculty. I like the look of it and the fact that we get it each Monday morning. Kudos to the people who make that happen each week!

Inclusiveness, care, respect.

Provides faculty and staff with the tools they need to accomplish bold and innovative teaching and research.

What we do best? Diversity. I just went through the personal statements of a dozen scholarship applications and each one contained the most different life experiences you could imagine. I read statements from a world-traveler whose parents are from different continents, a small-town evangelical from the north, someone who’s had to negotiate a parent’s drug addiction, a freshman who’s probably done more community service than most of us ever will, and more. We must be doing something right to have so many unique students find a place here on our campus. I am proud that my department has secured enough funding to offer some assistance to 30 of these great students as they pursue their dreams.

I really appreciate your student forums and being accessible to the student body.

We empower and inspire first generation college graduates.

Offers me an opportunity to be the best person I can be.

Fresno State helps students as much as they can (i.e. Student Cupboard, Student Union, Health Center).

Care and empathy for students - not only their education, but their well-being. Mutual respect, collegiality and optimism. Inclusiveness without making the process too prominent. Innovation in research that can fulfill education.

The tablet program is a great start and has helped with reducing my book costs. I love my iPad and use it for all of my materials and note taking.

Thank you for taking care of the motorcycle parking lot designation issue by Maple and San Ramon. Motorcyclists are a small, diverse community that often draw a mixed reaction from society for their own discredits. Many of us however are respectful, ride just for the fun and ride safely. Now I can say that Fresno State is inclusive in its parking lot and does not discriminate based on size, color, shape, cost and # wheels of the vehicles!

Thank you for the great job of valuing students and higher education. It makes us feel proud of our university here in the Central Valley. 

At least, Fresno State is giving us the chance to speak and try to improve.

Being ranked.

My interactions with faculty have been pleasant and I'm overall pleased with my experience.

Take responsibility for providing balanced, responsible education to young people.

Fresno State does a great job of offering a variety of courses with great professors.

There is a continuing conversation on inclusion and respect. Fresno State is rich in culture and diversity.

We hire forward-thinking, inclusive leaders such as Dr. Castro.

Thank you for letting students parking in the staff lots after 6 p.m.

Fresno State promotes learning, diversity and tolerance, among all our students, faculty and staff.

I appreciate that President Castro is taking a stand with the chancellor and other presidents from the California university system.

I am an international student here and I appreciate the fact that the staff and faculty are welcoming and friendly.

Provides an opportunity for a quality education at a cost to students that is considerably less than anything offered by the UC system.

Fresno State does a great job taking care of employee needs and providing a safe working environment.

You listen to feedback and actually fix problems.

We are part of the community.

Fresno State and President Castro are constantly listening to students and community members, such as myself, to make Fresno State a better place.

It provides the opportunity to help improve the campus.

Fresno State does a great job providing a successful environment for student parents.

Communicates with the students.

Fresno State does an excellent job of helping students succeed. The professors I have had are always genuinely concerned for their students’ well-being and never say no to taking extra time to explain a concept or assignment.

You update students on assaults on or near campus.

I appreciate the helpful and caring faculty in the Kremen School of Education.

Thank you for providing Deaf faculty on campus with ADA accessible fire alarms with flashing lights. After 10 years of working here, I feel safe working alone in my office.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science - Ornamental Horticulture, operate my own consulting company in San Francisco.  I use my degree every day to benefit my community, and have found good success since my graduation in 1988.    

I appreciate that Fresno State takes the time to hear the concerns of students, faculty, staff and parents alike. I feel a true sense of community and care at this college. I always tell people that I'm not a big fan of the city of Fresno, but I love this school.

Friendly campus

It holds a welcoming atmosphere for those who are local to the Fresno State area.

Providing students with a locker room, with assigned gym lockers and with access to showers are wonderful benefits for those of us involved in physical activity classes. A locker room, so we can change in relative privacy. Assigned lockers, so we can keep personal, sometimes expensive items in a convenient, secured area. Showers, so we can arrive at our next class feeling fresh and alert without being an unpleasant distraction to our fellow-classmates. Thank you for this benefit.

I love how forward-looking we are into improving our Fresno State community.

A clean, fresh environment for all students and staff. I really enjoy being a Bulldog on campus every day.

Quality of the instructors, community involvement, diversity on campus and issue awareness. For example the "think about it" campaign and the issue awareness campaigns on TV in the Student Union.

Everything – this school is just amazing! I couldn't ask for any better!

Fresno State has made many changes and efforts to promote more environmentally-conscious efforts across campus. As a native of the Bay Area, I grew up accustomed to certain practices designed to help support the environment, and I would love to see some of these changes implemented on our campus.

Fresno State is all-inclusive and does a great job with equality and diversity issues.

Making campus look great.

Provide educational enrichment.

Quick response to a concern by students.

Provide services, although they are not all well known.

Teachers who serve the community, and a campus that is integrated with the Valley.

Hello! I am a Graduate International student from the Department of Biology. I like the facilities we have at Fresno State. I like the way the campus is maintained and the security we have inside the campus.

Provide kind, polite and caring attention to students

Provide adequate parking and services to the students.

Provide an excellent education to those of us who will become future professionals.

Provide prompt information for students.

Provide excellent services to the student body.

As a first generation Hmong student at Fresno State, I am so proud to have learned that the Linguistics Department in the College of Arts and Humanities is now permitting students to earn a minor in the Hmong language. Yay! We've been patiently waiting for a very long time!

Give us a good amount of resources to get help with our studies.

I just looked at the Feedback page for the most recent responses as I have recently submitted a concern I have. It was just a few days ago so it did not get addressed this time which I expected. As I began to read the other submissions, I realized how long these are getting. There are a substantial amount more than in the beginning of this page being instituted and the majority are concerns/issues that can have a demanding/one sided view of a situation. Which can be expected when one feels they are being overlooked, slighted etc., and unfortunately sometimes they are. My point being in all of that, I want to thank you for doing this. A lot of the concerns that seem to come up from specifically students, staff and faculty, are wanting validation and recognition not only as parts of these groups, but as individuals. Sometimes I think we forget to do this for others, even for something as nice as putting oneself out there to receive an enormous amount possibly negative situations, which can be very draining. I know if I received things like this every day it would probably not contribute to a healthy work environment for me. I assume it might not for any of us. Rather than emailing you directly, which I considered, I thought maybe posting this for others to see as they submit feedback might help as a gentle reminder that this is your work environment too. And to be honest, I don't always agree with all of the responses to the concerns submitted (there could be a little more thought in some of them), I think if we take a breath, focus on articulating our concerns in a constructive manner, it really benefits everyone. I sincerely do appreciate this avenue of communication and the job you are doing. Thank you!

I really appreciate this page, and the fact that you take the time to listen and respond, whether or not action can be taken.  It's very helpful to morale to know that we're being listened to.

The instructors that the University has to offer are very passionate about their job. The University also offers a lot of resources for college students to help better our education.

Support diverse faculty and students.

Spread diversity!

Provide lots of services to the community and involve not only students but others to facilitate learning.

Fresno State prepares our students for the real world. As a graduate of the CSU system and having worked for the UC system for 30 years, I can honestly say the CSU produces equally qualified students with a good education. I'm proud of the academic accomplishments nationwide that Fresno State has attained. Good job, Dr. Castro and faculty.

Although the parking system is very confusing and cumbersome, I have never had a problem parking at Fresno State. I always find parking at the Save Mart Center. Perhaps I do not mind walking the few hundred feet to campus to go to the library. It also helps my heart to pump and keeps the excess fast food from dropping immediately to my hips.

We recruit, retain and have a number of talented staff and faculty interested in invested in creating an inclusive and thriving environment for all - including students and fellow colleagues. We work very hard to send the message of student success, diversity and inclusion in our mission, values and goals. We continue to strive for that, coming from the President's Office, as it is an important point for all of us.

Thank you for the signage that was installed at the roundabout and the reduction in the speed limit on Chestnut near The Square.

We have an office for people with disabilities.

The MBA program is wonderful, so far. Tom Burns is an excellent program manager who always attends to students' needs and seems to always be available even when he is away from his office.

Fresno State is doing a great job of hiring new faculty from diverse backgrounds.

Teaching, especially the teacher-to-student ratio.

No traffic within the campus.

Diversity and a vast majority of majors and paths to choose from.

The library and its staff are amazing.

Responsive to our questions and comments.

I am proud to be a staff member of Fresno State. We do a lot right. Keep up the good work everyone!

I think Fresno State is making wonderful strides toward becoming more inclusive of all students, and I'm very proud to be a part of that. President Castro has proven himself to be a caring and attentive president, and it means a lot to people to know that their ideas and suggestions are being heard. In the 20 years I've worked here, I feel like this is the most positive the atmosphere has ever been on campus.

Help to promote students and their accomplishments while attending Fresno State and after they leave and start their new careers.

Provide activities for students to get involved.

A beautiful and clean campus.

The university's commitment to continual improvement is laudable and is the only way we will remain on the cutting edge of higher education.

You listen to the feedback. I am surprised that you have listened about a recent complaint about the testing center, and have paused it for a little while. A+ effort.

Exist as a public good for our region.


Providing the best professors to teach at Fresno State. Also, providing resources to help students achieve their goals.

The professors are truly the best. They are understanding and empathetic. My first week of school started off rocky. My mother was placed in an ICU and I was going to miss my first day of classes. The professors quickly responded and were so compassionate. They were willing to work with me on the first week of school. Love it!

Fresno State excels at welcoming all students and embracing all diversity.

I feel very safe while being on campus.

Continue to provide resources for undergraduate and now graduate students. Having a good mixture of degrees to attract all sorts of individuals with different backgrounds/experiences.

The Student Health and Counseling Center services that address mental health, nutrition/wellness overall.

Fresno State does the best in advising students for the educational goals and provide information about how can they get them. Also, this university gives many opportunities to students and faculty.

The new library is grand and has spectacular resources.

Striving to provide the best possible environment for students/staff. 

Fresno State is doing the best in delivering student daily food needs through Student Cupboard.

Fresno State does a great job of offering students the opportunity to be a part of the community. Opportunities for growth and development as a student and person seem plentiful.

When I come to school I feel that I am in a safe learning environment. Also, students have resources such as the health center and student cupboard, which have been vital in helping me stay in school.

Each day when I'm walking to and from class, as well as to and from the parking lot, I enjoy seeing the beauty of Fresno State’s landscape. During the hot summers and chilly winters, flora within Fresno County can't keep up with the severe climate conditions. Thus, having a green city is a rare sight. However, the gardening done at Fresno States makes my experience here much brighter, calming and more breathable.

Hiring President Castro was what you've done best.

Provide a collegial environment where colleagues feel supported in their teaching and scholarship.

Fresno State serves a diverse community and offers a high-value education to students across the Central valley.

Thank you for having officials directing car and pedestrian traffic in the early morning at intersections on Barstow. This narrow street becomes quite congested with the many stop signs added to the flow of students crossing streets from parking lots. University prioritization of staff present to support both drivers and walkers in this area has been much appreciated!

Seeing the Chicano Latino Commencement run so smoothly was awesome! Whoever coordinated receives kudos. Any time under-represented groups or people of color are recognized by our institution I believe we are one step closer to achieving a harmonious society. Gracias, and Go Dogs!

The Joyal restrooms are always clean and stocked with supplies. The custodian for the Joyal restrooms is always doing such a great job. I love that there is hot and cold water and the hot water does not take time to warm up so I can easily melt off the tea stains in my mug.

Thank you for resolving the issue of no cold water for the restrooms and the break room in Joyal. I have heard many staff members that have been appreciative of the changes.

I really like summers at Fresno State. Since most of our students are away for the summer, it is really nice to see the other activities (children's camps and Dog Days) that are happening on campus. It keeps the campus alive! Also, I really appreciate the quality art exhibits and musical performances that take place in the Library .

You are doing a great job of getting into the news. I see articles and TV news about Fresno State all the time. It's great to see positive news about what we're doing to help students.

Fresno State does a good job of communicating with students and offering support for the disadvantaged.

Fresno State was great this year. I really want to thank President Castro and whoever was involved in the decision to close the testing center. Since the testing center was closed I've seen my grades this semester go up much more than from previous semesters. A lot of my classes have been geared to taking tests at the testing center. This was very difficult because I work weekdays. This usually put a dent in my paychecks, making life much more stressful than it already was. Thank you again, President Castro!

Fresno State seems like a new University! You are doing a great job,

I think it is great that the library hours were extended for students to have more time completing school work.

Providing services on the campus.

Good job with activities and a clean library.

Making wine, chocolate milk, beef jerky.

Providing opportunities for students.

You listened to my last response about the University testing center, and I am impressed that you are doing something about it. I do not keep myself updated, so I am not sure what's going on, but I can only hope for good.

Excellent Benefits Office staff who are so helpful.

I like how Fresno State is inclusive to everyone, and I hope it stays that way. However I want to make sure that inclusiveness stays optional and does not become required. I think we have done a great job in the past of inclusion, but I would hate to see that it would violate people’s personal space and religious liberty. Promoting others’ views is great, but some things have become borderline pushy. We are all adults here. I think we have shown respect of another opinions and lifestyles. We do not need a reminder to be nice.

Fresno State provides enough bathrooms around campus.

Maintaining a clean and exquisite campus.

I have attended three separate community colleges before transferring to Fresno State. Out of all four institutions, Fresno State has made me feel the most welcome and that my success is important. Every professor, counselor and advisor I have encountered is passionate about their job and takes time to help me. What stands out the most is when Dr. Calderon-Urrea stood in front of a class of 255 and said "Whatever it is you need, I'm here. Whether you need a friend or someone to push you or help you study, I want to be that guy." Or how Dr. Gandler scheduled study sessions before exams on his own time. I'm amazed that a school with such a large student population has more care and concern than small colleges with classes of 20 students. I love Fresno State!

Agriculture and encourage diversity

I don't work directly with many Cabinet members but do have the opportunity to work under CIO Orlando Leon. I wanted to take the time to say that it's made a positive change to the morale to have someone like Dr. Castro and Orlando do what's best for the University's students and employees. To see hard work rewarded is refreshing and see it in the action they take instead of empty words and broken promises we are so used to hearing.

Fresno State does a good job of hosting successful and fun campus events.

Nonstop construction.

I appreciate the Feedback page. It is helpful.

Fresno State does a great job of staying involved in the local community and giving students, faculty and staff a means of experiencing the Central Valley in a positive light, as well as giving people in the Valley a chance to be involved in helping the University. The culture the University fosters is one to be proud of, especially since students from around the world come here to gain knowledge and to experience our culture.

Offering night classes for the working students.

Work well with students concerns 

Support athletics.

Making the university look pretty.

Technology advancement.

Diversity -- and thank you for this one in particular.

My professors are amazing!! We need more full-time ones.

I enjoy the campus atmosphere. I really appreciate the tech support staff.

President Castro does a very good job at being involved with functions outside of the politics and the everyday hassle that running Fresno State entails. I had the pleasure of letting his son pet the horses at the Fresno State Equestrian Team Meet. Great guy and awesome family!

The Student Health Center is an awesome place to work. I am a faculty member and was recently contacted by the Director, Wendy Oliver, to help with some projects to make Student Health even more accessible to our student population. I had no idea how far reaching the services provided by the Center actually were and I'm proud to be part of this facet of the University, even for the short time I will be here. Wendy is one of the most accommodating and nice people I have encountered on this campus and I'm not speaking of myself, her interactions with staff are always professional and tinged with kindness. The staff is always as accommodating as possible to the students, even when the students aren't so nice. What a great team you have here. You should be proud.

Fostering student success and diversity.

Your consideration in making the area a welcoming study area for students is greatly appreciated.

Over the past year I have made several suggestions for outdoor and indoor improvements on campus which were completed.  I want to thank you for investigating those suggestions and acting on them.  Every day I see people affected by those improvements in a positive way.         

President Castro, I really want to say how much I appreciate the people from traffic operations who are out there in the morning and other peak times directing traffic. They do not know how much they are appreciated. They make getting to work so much faster and easier. I really think they are not thanked enough.                 

I love the fact that it welcomes diversity and it’s a clean and friendly campus.

I want to commend Fresno State leaders who support professional development for their staff. I have had to opportunity to participate in many of these events, and the mentoring program. It is refreshing to know that Fresno State cares about and supports my growth. This support allows me to be at my best while serving my colleagues and students.                                

Great school. Very good academics. Very good sports. Very proud to be a graduate. I hold a BS degree and an MBA from Fresno State.

Library hours are great!

Fresno State provides amazing opportunities for students to better their skills with the writing center, career development center, and many others.

I love the diversity Fresno State has.

Wide variety of degrees offered.

I love that there are so many activities for students outside of school work.

Instructors make themselves readily available to students.

Fresno State is making the leaders for tomorrow. Students are academically, professionally and personally smart and proactive.

Sports are great. The many forms of communication are great, such as Instagram.

I really appreciate that Fresno State produces its own wine and olive oil. In fact, when I travel and want to bring a gift, I always bring one or the other. Everyone always loves it.

Fresno State's students' academic success comes from Dr. Castro and is passed down to all faculty/staff and students to "Be Bold."

Students see that faculty really care about their academic success by opening their schedule to meet one-on-one with any academic/personal issues the student might be facing.

Fresno State campus safety services drive any student to their cars at night.

Fresno State is doing very well on creating new innovative programs for students and also making sure students are well prepared during finals week, such as with coffee and breakfast items. I love this campus and I also love how we have a variety in major choices.

Keeps tuition low. Provides good staff and service.

Provides every type of support I can imagine.

I am a Fresno City College transfer in my second semester here. I am attracted to how user-friendly the University is. I believe that, as a student, I am set up for success here.

Fresno State does best in creating a multicultural community in the students that are seen around campus.

Great Valley resource.

I am a second-year graduate student and am very impressed with the resources provided for graduate students, including the writing center and the tech support. I appreciate the outreach these two centers are conducting to recruit students.

My professors have done a wonderful job. They encourage every student to apply to graduate school!

Wonderful to see that the Conversations on Inclusion, Respect and Equity are beginning!

Providing services to students. Great to know that there is Health Center, Student Recreation Center, Student Cupboard, pool, devices/technology support.

I am the first person in my family to attend a university. Fresno State campus is amazing and as a student who is also currently attending FCC I always brag about the student services that Fresno State offers students. The work that the college puts into helping students successfully reach their education goals is amazing. I joined a club last semester and started working with ASI. This was the first time I worked with a campus on planning an event. Besides having wonderful advisers, the people who work in ASI are exceptional at their job and always go out of their way to help my club.

The library is amazing and I love that it was inspired by the local Native American tribes. As a Native American it is rare to see an institution actually honoring tribes and their customs. This building serves as an example to how a culture can be appreciated.

The American Indian Recruitment and Resource Initiative is a great program to help Native students graduate from college.

Making our students feel welcome and proud of their school and education.

Sincerest congratulations to Dr. Castro and the University on the hiring of Lawrence Salinas. What a coup for the school.

Many staff that care about students.

Understanding and hearing the needs of the students.

Thank you and the Fresno State for the generous contribution and support to the HmongStory40. As a first generation Hmong college student at Fresno State, I often have a hard time finding a place on campus that feels like home to me. I went through my undergrad at Fresno State and never once have I felt the University embrace, celebrate and reach out enough to the Asian American Students on the campus. Now, as a first year graduate student in the Department of Social Work, I feel a sense of connection and pride to my University. The contribution and support to the HmongStory40 is so critical. It not only acts as the first step of reaching out to the Hmong students, but also as the first initiation of change and embracement to the Asian American students/community on the Fresno State campus. Your contribution, support, and involvements in the HmongStory40 has allowed Fresno State Hmong students like myself to feel and have a sense of pride and connection to the University as you and the University celebrate with us our culture, history and stories. I am beyond excited to see the many great changes coming our way as we all continues to strive and promote the beautiful diversity of our campus. Thank you for being a change agent in the Fresno State campus and in the Hmong community.

The school is good at creating a feeling of Bulldog spirit!

Fresno State has a great police/security force.

I appreciate the great leadership the Learning Center at Fresno State practices. As a new professional within their team, the support, encouragement, guidance and, patience that I have received is phenomenal. This assures me that Fresno State is the right place to be. It feels wonderful to be serving students and to have a fantastic team to help make a difference at Fresno State.

I want to commend University Catering on how great their department is to work with on events. I have worked with many caterers in the area and our catering department is by far the best in town. Not only are their prices reasonable and affordable, the food is great! Every time I attend an event they are catering, the staff is pleasant, willing to assist and always smiling. With the amount of events they handle a year, they are always spot on with excellent customer service. Great job, University Catering!!

Fresno State does a good job to make me feel included on campus. I am a first generation college student and I am never made to feel like I am less than just because I am the first in my family to go here.

I am a freshman and new to this area, and I absolutely love Fresno State. My professors are approachable and helpful, my peers are welcoming and I feel connected to the campus. Also, Dr. Castro has a positive presence on campus.

I am very grateful for Commuter Services at Fresno State. I have been a staff member at Fresno State for almost 14 years and receiving a free bus pass every month has allowed me to make it to work. If this service wasn't offered, I would have to pay for a taxi or other transportation. I love the newer procedure of just swiping our ID cards on the bus instead of having to deal with the bus pass and it's great to see the benefit spread to the students and Foundation workers now as well! Great job!

Providing accurate information about events and situations occurring on campus.

Providing a quality education to a local area at reasonable price

We strive to treat all students with dignity and respect.

Holistic student development. The diverse and often challenged student community often needs little more than just classroom lectures and instruction. I have experienced that the majority of Fresno State faculty goes beyond their “job requirement” to assist, mentor, guide, advise and counsel students.

Subtle, unique and rare research support. While there is a lot of room for improvement, what Fresno State offers currently is quite incredible. Consistent support for research-active groups, a highly competent ORSP office/staff and higher administrative support compensate while in the pursuit of external support.

In recent years I believe the communication has improved and since Dr. Castro has been on board. I can say that Fresno State won't experience anything like what is happening in Mizzou.

Open and transparent processes for implementation of new policies.

We really do make our students our first priority.

Please click here for previous comments.

The team that manages the Fresno State social media accounts are great! I watch social media for happenings on campus. Fresno State is quick to respond, informative and adds a little bit of sass which is well received by the students. They do a great job in shutting down those who are clearly there to harass people with their negative comments. I love when they retweet student comments and share fun things like when students are accepted into the university or receive a letter from the president regarding their good grades. Overall I think this is a great communication tool and a positive interaction with our community. Thank you for your around-the-clock responses!

The library and librarians are the best! They really go above and beyond to help me find what I need, even if its located across the state. Love it!


They have a wide variety of great and convenient facilities that range from restaurants, a library, wonderful tutoring lab and team, degree programs, and finally an amazing gym!

Fresno State seems like there are so many opportunities on campus to receive help, but it's kinda difficult for a freshman like me to know all these things. The only things I learned are from higher class men so even though the opportunities are there, they are not brought to light for the freshmen. Still, I like the numerous services that are provided here.

Great campus. Very supportive of student success

I do believe out of all of the CSUs, we have the most school spirit as far as athletics considering we are Div-1. I think Fresno State does very well in having a lot of clubs and student organizations that keep students involved with campus life.

Fresno State really makes me feel like I am home. I am a third-generation Fresno State student so it is actually like a second home tome. I have enjoyed the leadership roles and plentiful job opportunities that I have been given in my time here so far.

Fresno State is starting to reach out to the community, which is a step in the right direction.

As a student I feel it is very important to have plenty of computers available for student use, that typically is not a problem throughout the Library .

Great people!

I love all of the new buildings and signs that are going up.

I'm an Army veteran and just transferred to Fresno State. The Financial Aid and Veteran Services offices have all answered my questions and concerns.

It is a great place to work.

We educate students at a fair price and with faculty that care about the students.

Nearly every workday on campus we create vibrant learning environments for our students, led by talented, creative, dedicated instructors.

We have a President in Joseph I. Castro who recognizes the hard work and key role of the faculty in student success as well as the sacrifices these faculty have endured, going from 2008 to 2014 without any raises, including no cost of living adjustments. Thank you, President Castro, for leading among the 23 CSU campus presidents in setting aside significant funding for equity pay adjustments for your faculty at Fresno State for 2014-15, and we look forward to your ongoing commitment to address faculty pay inequities in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

We meet the need to enroll diverse culture population, reflects the demographic population of its immediate and outlining community.

Welcome its new incoming faculty, staff and students.

I completed my undergraduate degree and had a positive experience.

Fresno State has an exceptional Ag Business Department. The teachers and faculty are always willing to help the students out to achieve greatness In and out of the classroom!

  • Works hard at being a part of the whole Valley.
  • Educates the Valley.
  • Provides Internet access for all.
  • Offers an open and honest environment for its students to grow in a place where a multicultural background is accepted.
  • I commend the leadership for all that is done to make this work place a good environment.
  • Our faculty give their whole hearts to their profession. They continue to nurture students' minds and sense of community.
  • Fresno State has numerous volunteer/service opportunities for faculty, staff and students to give back to our community!

Multiple suggestions are indicated with a number in parentheses, for example (3).




  • Bringing back wrestling (2).
  • Football

Recruiting students:

  • Recruiting diverse students (3).
  • Getting Central Valley students to want to come to Fresno State.
  • Bringing the spirit of the Valley to the university.

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Assisting students:

  • Reach out to underrepresented minorities and provide opportunities they may have not realized were available to them.
  • Professors interact with students
  • Preview Day – kudos to Ken Ternante and Dog Days team
  • Mechanical engineering is competitive with other school
  • Quality education
  • Education available to low-income students
  • Excellent academics (8).
  • Mentor and believe in our students of color and those from disadvantaged backgrounds; provide resources and programs for our diverse student population (7).
  • Providing student success services, including tutoring, supplemental instruction and career services (6).
  • Faculty inspires students to want to learn (4).
  • Opportunities in events, workshops, concerts, guest speakers, exhibits, clubs, organizations, leadership opportunities, networking opportunities, technology with the classroom, Greeks, study abroad, and honors programs (4).
  • Providing a safe learning environment.
  • Keeping tuition low (2).
  • Opportunity, access (3)
  • Offer an interactive community of people and experiences that allow students to grow academically, professionally, socially and as a person (3).
  • Transform lives and shape futures.
  • Students are challenged academically and allowed to develop into leaders.
  • Instill a sense of pride.
  • Administration holds students to high standards.
  • Variety of scholarships.
  • Promote well-being.
  • Timely financial disbursements.
  • Office of Student Involvement’s co-curricular activities.
  • Innovation in technology.
  • Emails regarding changes constantly sent to keep students informed.
  • Counselors available to meet with students.
  • Resources to improve student writing is commendable.
  • Sports teams may spark interest in students who may not have thought about college.
  • Dorms allow students to be part of campus and culture.
  • Athletics are a priority for all student-athletes.
  • Help students graduate.
  • Internship helped in current job.
  • Study Abroad allowed me to broaden my horizons in a different culture.
  • Allows space for creative learning to take place.
  • Student Involvement office, ASI prepares leaders.

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  • Graduate Writing Studio
  • Huggins Center for my child.
  • Agriculture (3).
  • Smittcamp Family Honors College.
  • Richter Center.
  • Agricultural research/business (2).
  • Teaching credential department.
  • Entrepreneurship program.
  • Fresno State Symphony Orchestra
  • Renaissance Scholars for former foster youth.
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Nursing.
  • Honors programs.
  • Many excellent master’s degree programs.


  • Take personal interest in student needs (2).
  • Faculty work hard to ensure that students have opportunity to learn and succeed; committed (4).
  • Support and collegiality among faculty (2).
  • Most senior faculty continue to be active and productive.
  • Doctoral program faculty are awesome and provide “real world” insight.
  • Rigorous national search process pays off in great teachers.

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  • Great staff. Kind. Helpful (4).
  • Many put in extra hours to get work done.
  • Rank and file dedicated and passionate about their work.
  • Training is offered; LEAD professional development (2).
  • Monthly briefings for department assistants.
  • Staff awards.
  • Recent commitment to rebuild custodial staff is awesome.

Help, support provided to faculty:

  • Professional development opportunities that come with funds for development or cash (in particular, Innovations Academy).
  • Faculty learning communities.
  • CSALT orientation for new PT faculty member very helpful.
  • Support in release time, research funds, TILT.
  • Great support.

Security and safety:

  • Seem above average for students and staff; has improved (3).
  • We have a master plan and an effort on improving public safety.

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  • Filtered water fountains in the University Student Union.
  • Beautiful campus (7)
  • Great Library (4)
  • Peace Garden
  • Farm Market
  • Campus/classrooms are in beautiful condition. Everything is clean and properly taken care of.

Community engagement:

  • Bring hope to region
  • Raising money
  • Valley pride
  • Serving the community through volunteering.
  • Community engagement/focus on key issues facing the Valley and working to integrate solutions with service learning (2).
  • Athletics helps connect people to the university.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Do their best to help students (9).
  • Great, overall (2).
  • I feel a sense of family when I am on campus and sense the willingness to help others from Fresno State staff.
  • Doing more with less.
  • Faculty and deans take university seriously.
  • Great results, no matter how little support they have.

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Other comments:

  • Promote the arts
  • Diversity (13).
  • Welcoming campus (4).
  • Great community support and involvement with the university; activities like Vintage Days (3).
  • Great community to work in; collegial environment (2).
  • Leadership – the co-curricular leadership certificate program.
  • Collaboration – partnerships between housing, Higher Ed Counseling program, student involvement center etc.
  • Personal development, collaboration, openness, diversity, educating and empowering students and employees.
  • Traffic department is effective in flow during peak times.
  • Vintage Days.
  • Athletics (3).
  • Good job promoting Fresno State, branding itself throughout the Valley. Good reputation in California (4).
  • Extra time off during holidays.
  • Football team amazing but needs new facilities.
  • I’m proud to say I work at Fresno State.
  • Sign language interpreting services.
  • President and Mrs. Castro are gracious.
  • Good benefits and retirement.
  • President Castro was inspiring at India Independence Day celebration.
  • Love how school leaning toward “Fresno State.”
  • Strong emphasis on both academics and sports.
  • Pride in football team is great (2).
  • I like that feedback is encouraged and administration is open to dialogue, even after policies have been implemented.

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